Motorized Window Treatments for Homes

It’s time to inject your home with excitement, innovation, and unparalleled convenience. When most people think about choosing options for their custom window treatments, they typically think about picking out fabric textures, colors, patterns, or opacity levels. While Hunter Douglas lets you choose incredible style features for your custom window coverings, you also have your choice of clever operating systems, including several standout motorized operating systems. When you customize your window treatments with Hunter Douglas, you get control over how your home looks and functions. 

SoftTouch™ Motorization

When you pick out your ideal fabric texture, pattern, and color for your custom roller shades or Roman Shades, we doubt your first choice would be to clutter it up with a hanging cord in the front. Not only does this diminish the sleek and elegant look of your custom shades, but it can end up posing a hazard for children and pets in your home. A great alternative to cords is the SoftTouch™ Motorization operating system. This system swaps out the hanging cords for a single ergonomic wand. By pressing up on the wand you can open up your shades and pull down to close them. You can also give the wand a little tap in one direction or the other to fully open or close your shades. 

SoftTouch™ Motorization blends seamlessly into a wide variety of shade styles, helping to keep your shades looking elegant and uncluttered. The absence of any cords helps keep the system safe for all members of your household. 

Vertical Motorization Operating System

If you have vertical blinds, you know just how beneficial they are for providing excellent shade, style, and light control for your larger windows, such as sliding glass doors. Since these sets of blinds tend to be one long section, opening them up all the way can become more of a chore than you might think. The Vertical Motorization operating system lets you adjust the vanes and open up your vertical blinds completely using a remote or fixed wall-mount, getting rid of this hassle entirely. 

PowerView® Motorization

You can gain total control over every window in your home from wherever you choose with the PowerView® Motorization operating system. This operating system gets rid of all cords entirely and doesn’t add any bulkiness or wires in order to integrate the battery-powered motors. Instead, your sleek and elegant window treatments come to life with the press of your smartphone or tablet. You can even skip pulling out your phone altogether by integrating the app with a smart home system, allowing you to control your motorized window treatments using only voice commands. Other helpful features, like customized scene settings and scheduling, allow you to make life in your home as convenient as possible. 

At Red Star Paint & Decorating, we are proud to offer multiple solutions for motorized window treatments. We are conveniently located in Montclair, NJ and offer our services to the surrounding area, including Montclair, Glen Ridge, Livingston, and Bloomfield. Visit us today to find the perfect motorized window treatment solution for your home!