Beautiful Accent Walls

Accent a Room's Feel by Contrasting a Wall with a Bold Color.
Whether you'd like to define a living space with furniture, artwork or colorful accessories like pillows or vases, an accent wall can deliver a striking, unique design element into the mix.

Make a Bold Statement
Bold, colorful shades are good accent paint colors because they accentuate a space without dominating it. For example, perhaps you're using bright colors in your decorative accessories, but they seem far too bold for entire walls. Why not choose one of those colors to create an accent wall for a lively splash of vibrancy that highlights one of the accessory colors you like?

(TIP: Accent walls can be a useful prop in decorating a child's room or a rec room by letting your child choose a color for one wall, giving you the lead on a more neutral color that you can live with for the other walls. A deep purple on four walls might be much, but one wall could pop nicely against three white walls tinged purple. By using decorative accessories and bedding you can then pick up the accent color to tie the look together.

Create a Subtle Contrast
If you prefer a less dramatic introduction to bolder color, take a deeper version of the color that is used on all four walls and apply it over one of them. This can be just enough to add interest, and breaking the sameness of a single-color space.

Choosing the Right Paint Color
To help you choose the best accent wall tone for your space, match a favorite color from a pillow or artwork, as your inspiration. Will it work with the main room wall color as an accent? Whatever shade you choose, an accent wall allows you to express your own design style. So grab a paint brush and get going!


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