A Whole Community Art Project at Bullock School, September 2014

Every single student at Charles H. Bullock — that’s 463 children from Kindergarten through Grade 5 — took part in the planning, drawing, and painting of the latest Artist-in-Residence project at the elementary school. This art project is truly a community project, and it adorns the halls of the Charles H. Bullock stairways in creativity and color. Six joyful and expressive murals illustrate the school song as well as the Bullock students’ amazing amount of creativity and optimism. Bryn Heathman, a Bullock mom and graphic designer, oversaw the project from start to finish. The mural came to life thanks to artist Andy Witten’s vision, another Bullock parent, which allowed the students’ creativity to remain authentic while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. Witten, also a Bullock parent, was brought on board thanks to the popular Bullock PTA sponsored Artist-in-Residence program. Special thanks go out to another community institution, Red Star Paint on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. The paint and decorating store generously donated all the paint and brushes needed for each of the six murals. Bryn Heathman especially wanted to acknowledge that Red Star Paint went above and beyond in their support —making sure the colors, brush sizes, and paint types were exactly what the project needed.