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Transforming a room by changing the paint has never been easier, and at Red Star Paint & Decorating Center, we want to help you transform your home. We also want to make sure that your paint job looks the best that it possibly can, which is why we offer an entire line of Benjamin Moore® Primers. Paint primers are used to block stains and cover imperfections. They also neutralize the color of surfaces. All of this creates a uniform base that allows your new coat of paint to apply smoothly and have better adhesion. The neutral color of paint primer also means that whatever new color you are using will be true, bold, and beautiful. The Fresh Start® Interior and Exterior Primers line by Benjamin Moore® is sure to give you that perfect base coat.

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Oil-Base Primers

Oil-based primers have been the industry standard for decades. This is because they are very versatile. They made a great base coat for oil and latex paints, and they are superior stain killers. They also stick well to wood, metals including steel, and surfaces with layers of existing paint. They are especially ideal for unfinished or bare wood because they seal the porous surface of the material to prevent or slow peeling, cracking, and blistering. At Red Star Paint & Decorating Center, we carry several oil-based paint options.

Fresh Start® Exterior Wood Primer and MOOREWHITE® Fresh Start Exterior Wood Primer are excellent for new or previously coated wood. These primers penetrate deeply into a variety of wood surfaces and seal uniformly for a smooth appearance. This coating provides for maximum adhesion even on uneven weathered wood.

Fresh Start® Multi-Purpose Oil-Base Primer is designed for all surfaces and can be used over or under oil or latex paints. This paint primer is especially handy as a stain blocker. If you have stains or uneven coloring on a surface, then Benjamin Moore® Primer is our top recommendation.

Latex Primers

Latex primers are ideal for prepping unfinished drywall and masonry, where oil-based paint can’t be used. They are water-based, which makes them easier to clean than their oil-based counterparts. Latex primers are also more flexible and faster drying. They are great for creating an even surface between different compounds and can still cover minor stains. One of their biggest benefits is they are available in low or no VOC formulas, meaning they release fewer chemicals into the air when used. Most of our Benjamin Moore® Interior Primers are water-based, making them easy and safe for interior use.

Fresh Start® Multi-Purpose Latex Interior Primer is a premium quality paint primer that adheres to nearly every surface. It’s perfect for creating a smooth painting surface, and the minimal dry time means your project will be finished much quicker.

Fresh Start® Natura® Zero-VOC Interior Primer is the choice for a health-conscious painter. This paint primer exceeds the strictest environmental standards while delivering top-quality coverage. The Zero-VOC means this latex primer is virtually odorless, and the quick-drying properties mean you’re ready to apply your next coat in about an hour.

Fresh Star® Multi-Purpose Latex Wood Primer is an excellent choice for exteriors. It has superior adhesion on nearly every surface. A coating of this primer on wood is a fantastic way to boost mildew resistance.

Other Primers

We also offer several acrylic and alkyd base primers. These primers are faster drying than oil-based primers. They also provide a thicker and better coverage than water-based latex primers. This makes them a perfect middle option for any project. These paint primers are available for both exterior and interior use.

Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Acrylic Wood Primer is our highest performing Benjamin Moore® Primer. This primer is mildew-resistant and an excellent stain blocker. It has a lower VOC than comparable oil-based options and little odor. It’s the best option for a drastic color change.

Fresh Start® Enamel Underbody Interior Primer is an alkyd-based primer. This primer is perfect for wood trim, doors, cabinets, furniture, and other surfaces where you want an ultra-smooth base coat. This enamel paint is also resistant to weathering and is sure to last for years.

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