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Natura® Receives asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification

Asthma and allergies affect more than 370 million people worldwide, 70 million of whom are in the United States alone. In 2006, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), the leading national nonprofit organization that services those with asthma and allergies, collaborated with Allergy Standards Limited, an international physician-led certification company, to establish a…
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Painting with Chalkboard Paint

[metaslider id=3140] With our Chalkboard Paint—available in any color—you can turn any surface into a useful, fully-erasable chalkboard. Step #1: Prepare the Surface Once you’ve selected the space for your chalkboard, clean the surface completely and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Some surfaces may require a primer or additional preparation: If an all-purpose…
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Parent Volunteers Give VHS A Makeover, July 2015

The SCA had cast a cold eye on the lounge during a facilities tour earlier in the year and decided that something needed to be done. SCA President Laurie Brandt found $1,000 in the parent group’s budget and when school let out, Karydes got to work. The mother of a VHS junior and the owner…
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A Whole Community Art Project at Bullock School, September 2014

Every single student at Charles H. Bullock — that’s 463 children from Kindergarten through Grade 5 — took part in the planning, drawing, and painting of the latest Artist-in-Residence project at the elementary school. This art project is truly a community project, and it adorns the halls of the Charles H. Bullock stairways in creativity and…
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